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Guidance you can trust

At Choice Home Medical our goal is to assist individuals in navigating all of the options available in senior care. Our goal is to give you the information so that you can man an educated decision in regards to choosing a home health or hospice company. Deciding whether to get personal care in the home or move into an assisted living facility can be a difficult decision. We want to consult with you because we care. Thre is no cost to you for these services. We are paid by our partner companies and communities only if you utilize their services.

Call Us

If you are already using one of our other services you will be contacted on a quarterly basis to assess your needs and wants. If you have questions between those calls you can always reach out whenever you want.

Get information and care options

after each interaction we send you information on the companies and/or the senior communities that best fit your needs!


Choose places to contact

We will not give your personal information to anyone without your permission. We will assist you with reaching out to our contacts at these companies so you get the information you want but not the pressure of a sales pitch. 


Better Care Starts with You!
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